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If not otherwise mentioned, all lectures are from 12.15-13.00h in the seminar room of the Genetics and Ecology group at the Department of Biological Science, Ny Munkegade, Building 1540, 2nd floor (room 229) (for a map of the campus and its buildings see http://www.au.dk/en/nat/biologi/map.htm )
Date Title Speakers Program
06.12.2012 09.00-17.00h     Yearly stress meeting (Lakeside Auditoria,Buildg 1253, room 211) C. Sgro, C. Schlötterer, Scott Hayward, R. (Kuke) Bijlsma, Jesper Sørensen, Anders Malmendal Program
17.12.2012 at 12.15 Phenotypic responses to stressful and rapidly changing environments in fishes Dietmar Kueltz, University of California, Davis, USA  
26.10.2012 at 14.00 Correlating life history traits, stress resistance and functional senescence to longevity in Drosophila melanogaster Janneke Wit, Aarhus  
26.10.2012 at 11.15 Experimental evolution of ageing Alexei Maklakov, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden  
25.10.2012 at 12.15 To prefer or to disdain? Effects of social interactions on mating Machteld Verzijden, Lund University, Lund, Sweden  
19.09.2012 from 9.00 to 16.00

Stress preconditioning – from psychological to molecular stress mechanisms (see for details under annual meetings)

27.06.2012  at 12.15 Population genetics and demography of Drosophila buzzatii in Australia Stuart Barker, Univ. of New England, Armidale, Australia  
20.06.2012 at 12.15  The torment of turbot - Applying gene expression analysis to evaluate stressful rearing conditions in a high-value aquaculture species Bernd Hermann, Geomar, Kiel, Germany Abstract
06.06.2012 at 12.15 Mesoevolution: a cladic analysis of realized evolvability in Drosophila Jean David, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France  
09.05.2012 at 12.15h Clines, genes and adaptation to climate change - a tale of two beetles Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Santa Clara University, CA, USA Abstract
02.04.2012 at 10.45 Fitness costs of rapid cold-hardening John S. Terblanche, Stellenbosch University, South Africa  
02.04.2012 at 10.15  Macrophysiology of reptiles Susanna Clusella-Trullas,  Stellenbosch University, South Africa  
21.03.2012 at 12.15h The evolution of phenotypic plasticity: empirical studies on adaptation to pool drying and temperature Frank Johansson, Uppsala University, Sweden Abstract
09.03.2012 at 13.00h Systems genetics approaches to unravel the components of genome-phenome relationship in complex traits Haja Kadarmideen, Copenhagen University (KU-Life), Denmark Abstract
14.11.2011 at 14.15h
The population genetics of adaptation from standing variation in a C. elegans experimental model
Henrique Teotonio, Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal Abstract
at 12.15h
Evolutionary potential for climate change adaptation: Data and prediction
Ary A. Hoffmann, Melbourne, Australia  
at 14.15h
Telomeres as bioindicators of costs and quality in a wild population David S. Richardson, Norwich , UK  
at 14.15h
Altrusim and infidelity - cooperative breeding in the Seychelles warbler David S. Richardson, Norwich , UK  
14.06.2011 Drosophila melanogaster life span: hormones, metabolism and dietary restriction. Lawrence Harshman, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA  
07.06.2011 at 10.15h Purging of inbreeding depression: how effective is it? Kuke (R.) Bijlsma, University of Groningen, The Netherlands  
31.05.2011 at 13.45h Evolution of sexual dimorphism controlled by developmental temperatures in Drosophila melanogaster Tarmo Ketola, University of Jyväskylä  
31.05.2011 at 13.15h Fitness in small populations - Effects of inbreeding rate and between-population hybridization in Drosophila littoralis Nina Pekkala, University of Jyväskylä  
13.05.2011 at 14.15h Locomotion in Drosophila - studies of wing morphology and activity Anders Kjærgsaard, Zürich &  Aarhus University  
12.05.2011 at 14.15h
How trait plasticity drives species interactions under environmental change Jacintha Ellers, Vrieje University, Amsterdam  
30.03.2011 Predator proximity as a stressor during breeding in avian communities Robert L. Thomson, University of Turku  
28.03.2011 Multiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenation Deficiency (MADD) - From defect protein folding to oxidative stress and disturbed cell growth
Rikke Olsen, Claudio Gomes, Nanna Cornelius, Joao Rodrigues & Frank Frerman, Aarhus, Lisboa & Denver Program
22.09.2010 Adaptation and the comparative method: Methodological problems and solutions illustrated with a study of thermophysiological adaptation in lizards Thomas F Hansen, Oslo University  
15.09.2010 Dormice (Glis glis), a model organism for conservation biology Jürgen Tomiuk, University of Tübingen
at 11.15
Evolutionary genomics: 
Microarrays, proteomics and physiology:  How the study of natural populations inform science
Douglas L. Crawford, University of Miami  
at 10.15
Population genomics:  
Evolutionary adaptation to polluted environments
Marjorie F. Oleksiak, University of Miami  
19.05.2010 Interplay between habitat fragmentation and climate change: how inbreeding and genetic drift impede thermal adaptation Kuke Bijlsma, University of Groningen  
at 14.15
Will rapid evolution scupper a dengue biocontrol strategy based on Wolbachia?
Ary A Hoffmann, Melbourne University  
at 11.15
When is reversible phenotypic plasticity advantageous?
Wilfried Gabriel, LMU München  
12.11.2009 Darwin day
Eors Szathmary, Budapest; Richard Wrangham,
Harvard et al.
24.06.2009 Wolbachia bacteria: from curiosity-driven research to dengue control agent
Ary Hoffmann, University of Melbourne  
04.02.2009 Making calories count: studies of acute starvation resistance and dietary restriction using Drosophila melanogaster - Abstract Laurence Harshmann, University of Nebraska
28.01.2009 QTL mapping of multiple traits in inter-continental crosses of a model insect. - Abstract
Fabian Norry, Buenos Aires  
08.12.2008 Stress-related glial changes associated with parkinsonism to be held at 15.00 in auditorium 6 of the Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Bldg. 1170 Glenda Halliday, Sydney  
04.12.2008 Evolutionary genetic approaches for the management and conservation of Europe's largest Atlantic salmon river.
From 10.15. - Abstract
Craig Primmer, University of Turku  
03.12.2008 How to survive through the cold season in Finland: studies with malt flies - Abstract

Anneli Hoikkala, Jyvaskyla

05.11.2008 Protein stress and stress proteins: implications for aging and disease - Abstract

Csaba Soti, Budapest

08.10.2008-10.10.2008 ESF meeting on Inbreeding and "omics" technology Mols laboratory

J. Ouborg, L. Keller, R. Bijlsma, I. Sachieri, R. Leimu et al.

07.10.2008 The ecogenomics of inbreeding: a case study in Scabiosa columbaria

Joop Ouborg, Nijmegen

02.10.2008 Major Themes in Evolutionary Medicine to be held at lakeside lecture hall 2 (see http://www.au.dk/da/kort/byg1250.htm for precise location) - Abstract Steven Stearns, Yale  
01.10.2008 Thermal adaptation and temperature stress resistance in butterflies Klaus Fischer, Greifswald  
24.09.2008 Molecular variation in the phosphoglucose isomerase (Pgi) locus and metapopulation dynamics of the Glanville fritillary butterfly - Abstract Ilkka Hanski, University of Helsinki  
17.09.2008 Lifespan Extension and Oxidative Stress Rhodiola rosea Mahtab Jafari, UCLA  

Yearly meeting of the Aarhus stress network to be held at lecture hall 025 of the Economy Institute, building 1324, from 09.00 to 16.00 (close to the corner of Nordre Ringgade og Nørrebrogade)

Scott Hayward, Birmingham and local speakers 8th
27.08.2008 Bottlenecks, population differentiation and apparent selection at microsatellite loci Stuart (J.S.F.) Barker, Armidale, NSW  
20.08.2008 Making calories count: studies of acute starvation resistance and dietary restriction using Drosophila melanogaster - Abstract Laurence Harshmann, University of Nebraska
Moved to February 2009
18.08.2008 The role of the MHC in mate choice and parasite resistance; insights from avian systems David S. Richardson, University of East Anglia (manday 12.15!!, same place)  
06.08.2008 C. elegans - Stress and ageing Anders Olsen, Mol. Biology, AU and Buck Institute, Novato, CA  
01.07.2008 Spatial and temporal variation in a suite of life-history traits in two species of wolf spider David Reed, University of Missisippi  

Phd defense - on "Environmental Stress and Inbreeding) - place and time to be announced on the web page of the Department of Biology www.biology.au.dk

Kamilla Sofie Pedersen  
09.05.2008 Phd defense - on stress and candidate genes Louise Toft Jensen  
09.05.2008 A gene for all seasons Steve McKechnie , Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation Research (CESAR) & School of Biological Sciences , Monash University  
09.04.2008 Antifreeze proteins Hans Ramløv, Roskilde  
27.03.2008   Carlo Rego, Barcelona  
27.02.2008   Laura Vesala and Tiina Salminen, Jyvaskyla  

Phd defense - on stress and thermal adaptation in soil dwelling organisms

Simon Bahrndorff  
22.01.2008 Phenotypic plasticity: molecular mechanisms and evolutionary consequences Jacintha Ellers, Amsterdam  
12.12.2007-14.12.2007 Stress, physiology and role of metabolism, Workshop at Mols lab, supported by Nordforsk Stress network, with invited speakers Elisabeth Dahlhoff, CA, and Barry Sinervo, CA, organized by Tarmo Ketola, Jyvaskyla and Torsten N Kristensen, Aarhus  

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